Handmade, upcycled works of art for your walls & your shoulders

One-of-a-kind gift ideas made from all-natural fibers and upcycled material, straight from the heart!

Meet The Artist

It’s a repetitious sound, hearing the needle quickly going in and out of the wool and cushion. With the speed of a sewing machine, but the precision of an engineer’s eye, artist Michelle Arszman paints portraits and scenes from her creative mind using natural materials in an artform called needle felting.

lamb fiber art

Needle Felting

Needle felting is like painting with fiber and a single barbed needle. Using her imagination, or a provided image, the artist can create portraits, dream sequences or landscape designs for your home or place of business. Don’t see exactly what you want? Let her create a custom piece just for you!


Treat your shoulders as a display of artwork. Shawls and scarves are handknitted with eye catching color and unique designs, perfect for warming your body and accessorizing your outfit.

Needle felted Miniature Horse

What People Say

I was gifted this portrait of my beloved Miniature Horse mare, “Pearl” from a friend. Michelle did such a beautiful job catching the softness in Pearl’s eye. It’s remarkable how she found all the right colors and shades to match her coat and mane!

Joyse Banister

News & Notes from All Wooled Up

See what’s going on and where we’ll be next as we attend fiber festivals around the Midwest.

Little Black Dress Bling Pillow

NEW PRODUCT: Bling Pillows

While they have plenty of flair, these pillows really are soft and cozy, so they are the perfect way to add a little style to your home–throw them on your couch, love seat or even recliner.

Simba Needle Felt

Order Custom Creations

Love my work, but would rather see your beloved pet on your walls? I take custom commissions! I’ve outlined steps you need to take to ensure we have a successful process, so you can give the most heartfelt gift of all.

Handmade Necklaces

When I’m not playing with my fiber, I love to work with beads of all types–from precious stones to synthetic beads. Each necklace is handmade with quality string and a toggle closure.