I Love Sheep

Fact: I love sheep. But, I don’t own sheep.

I would like to think it’s obvious, if you see my adorable sheep logo and the fact that I love using products from sheep.

I love the uniqueness of the different curls and textures of sheep’s wool, and I love to use it in my needle felting.

And while I love the idea of using their wool to create images far from sheep, I love using their wool to create sheep-related artwork. I love to recreate their personalities with their own product and share that with my customers.

11×14, framed in red wooden frame (no glass), $45

But however much I love sheep, I do not own any. That’s right, I have a farm in Central Indiana, but it’s a horse farm. Instead, I’d rather support small farms in Indiana and surrounding states who breed and raise these marvelous animals and are the real professional sheep lovers.

That’s why I love attending fiber festivals, because it shows the lifecycle of the sheep: from breeding and raising, to shearing and spinning. Attendees can learn about raising sheep and see why this animal is so important to the lifecycle of clothing.

And, I have been known to trade wares with fiber shops–a piece of art for a bag of fiber. It’s a fun gig!

8×10, hunter green wooden frame under glass, $40

Here are some Sheep Facts, courtesy of The Modern Farmer:

  1. One pound of wool can make up to 10 miles of yarn.
  2. Sheep’s wool will grow forever.
  3. The groove in their upper lip is called a philtrum.
  4. Sheep cannot right themselves if they’re on their back.
  5. The United States’ Founding Fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison) owned and raised sheep.
11×14, framed with a gray barn wood frame (no glass), $45

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