A Little Bit of Yellowstone, A Little Bit of Chic

There’s a chill in the air. You’re sitting on a rocking chair, holding a steaming cup of coffee between your hands as you look out of your cabin’s porch and towards the mountains. You stay warm because of that coffee, but also because of this beautiful shawl we call “The Pendleton.”

Orrr …. perhaps Beth Dutton comes strutting out of Rip’s cabin, wrapped up in this shawl, ready to kick some tail on “Yellowstone”? Either way, you need this warm, colorful and stylish shawl!!

I love this shawl. It’s warm, it’s colorful, yet it’s chic! I’ve combined a couple different yard textures to really set it off, but I think it’s all the perfect combination.

Perfect for the Yellowstone fan, or someone just looking for something beautiful to wrap up in. This will be listed on the website soon, you can contact me for any additional specs if interested.


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