Artwork Celebrating the Fox

When I’m freely working on a new piece of needle felted artwork, I just let my mind take me wherever. Most times, that artwork features a favorite animal of mine: a horse, a bird, sheep and the occasional fox or two. The fox might seem like an odd one–I’ll admit, I haven’t seen a fox on our farm in years. But, it’s an animal that I find absolutely fascinating and one that I love to capture in fiber.

Red fox face
Seeing You (8×10, $45)

I love learning about foxes: their behaviors, the way they live and their meaning. I discovered this interesting tidbit of information regarding the spiritual meaning of the fox:

Foxes represent quiet observation, listening, patience, and calculated risk-taking. They have mastermind energy, which allows them to achieve success at anything they put their mind too with their intelligence, creativity, and flexibility. They are cunning creatures, making them expert manipulators, and can sometimes represent lies and deceit.  

These beautiful animals are found all over the world and have been part of ancient folklore and traditions for thousands of years. If you see a fox and are curious about its spiritual meaning in your life, there is likely a message that is being sent to you from this creature.

Also, as a student of Native American heritage, I love the symbolism of the fox within their culture: In some Native American Indian traditions, foxes represented protection, healing, and a gateway to access spiritual sight. Fox fur was highly sought after, for both its utility as well as for its spiritual significance. 

Curious Fox

And, to be honest, I just think they’re adorable and beautiful.

But it’s intriguing to know that perhaps having some foxy artwork in your home can help to bring you more insight, test your intelligence and provide protection.

If you’re interested in the featured images, or something similar in a more custom fashion, please reach out to me!


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