Artist Feature in Western Horse & Gun


A few months ago, I was approached with the opportunity to be part of the Arts & Culture Issue for Western Horse & Gun Magazine. My daughter writes for the publication, which focuses on the Western lifestyle, mounted shooting and Western culture. I was nervous, but agreed, and the August/September issue is now on newsstands!

You can find Western Horse & Gun Magazine at your local Tractor Supply Company and Wal-Mart newsstands, among other locations.



You can read the article here:  Artist Feature: Painting with Fiber

Custom Work

The idea of doing custom work didn’t really come to me until a few years into my craft. I enjoy doing images of dogs (all different breeds) and have done different settings for framed wall art and bags. But it wasn’t until I heard many potential customers comment: “I love this, but if only it was my dog…”

I practiced with my daughters’ dogs–a Bloodhound, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Spinoni Italiano. Then, when I’d hear someone comment about wishing they had one for their dog, I assured them I could do just that.

Doing custom work is a lot of fun–I allow you to choose the type of piece (pillow, wall art [framed or unframed], purse or other), you choose the color of wool for the background and then you let me know how you want the image–full body or portrait style.

The only thing I ask of you is that you send me a few clear, high-resolution images you’d like me to work with. I like to be able to see different angles of the head and face, and body if you want a full-body image. If you have an exact photo you want me to work off of, that’s even better–just make sure it’s easy for me to see the subject’s face.

I will send you photo updates to show you how the process is going, in case there are a few things you want adjusted.

The timeline for custom pieces varies from style to details. I ask for an initial down payment before I begin, with the rest of the payment due upon completion.

Custom pieces are the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays! So if you’re looking for a Christmas present, I suggest getting an early start so we have time to make changes.

Sound like something you’d love to have hanging on your wall? Contact me at the information below or send me a message on my Facebook page! I’d love to work with you!

A custom piece I actually did for myself recently, because I just love my boy, Smokey Joe!


This was a custom piece I did for an old family friend who was boarding her old buckskin Quarter Horse on our farm. Poco passed away and a month later I presented this to her owner. We loved Poco almost as much as she did.

2017 Summer Clearance Sale


Every summer I go through my inventory and decide it’s time for a change. So, this year I’m dong a clearance sale of many of my earlier pieces of work from handbags to shawls, all handmade, all made in a smoke-free home, all looking for their forever home!

Some of these pieces indulged my love of nature with many different types of flowers and birds on the shoulder bags. Others indulged my need for comfort with stylish, but comforting shawls.

My sale is being conducted on my Etsy site, but I’ve been featuring the pieces on my Facebook page as well as on my Sale Page on this site. Please take a look at what I have to offer, and if there’s something in particular you’re looking for, contact me!


Fiber & Applique Pillows

This winter I decided to try something different–combing needle felting with applique work on pillows. I was looking for a new style for some of my custom pillows and started with one of the easier designs I could think of–the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. So, naturally, I used my favorite little Corgi, my daughter’s dog Dallas Mae, as my model.


I gave the pillow to my daughter as a Christmas present and it’s quickly become one of the family’s favorite pillows on their couch.

While it’s not an exact replica of Dallas Mae, it adds character, which I like. I’m looking forward to trying this new style on more pillows.

Meet the Artist

“I started needle felting 12 years ago after attending a workshop in hand arts in Central Indiana,” says Michelle. “I fell in love with it because it was a way for me to express my creativity in ways that I hadn’t been able to before.”


Michelle Arszman is the artist and owner of All Wooled Up, a fiber arts shop located in Central Indiana, but travels around the Midwest to festivals and fairs. Her medium is one that is uncommon, but when people see it in person they are in awe of the delicate detail in each picture.

Michelle is a retired nurse and mother to two daughters and grandmother to a precocious toddler and a handful of pups. She lives on a horse farm with her husband of 40+ years and enjoys meeting new people to teach her craft to wherever she goes.

Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival

During the weekend of May 19-20 we traveled to one of my favorite festivals–the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival in Lexington. I’ve been a vendor at this festival, which is held in conjunction with the Bluegrass Stock Dog Trials, for many years. It first started as reason to visit my daughter who lived in Lexington at the time, and it’s just become a favorite to sell and shop.

Now that my daughter has moved back to Indiana, we still go to the festival, but now we take my granddaughter so she can visit. Baby A loves to see all the sheep, alpaca and bunnies that are featured at the festival (not to mention the horses she always sees at the racetrack when her mom takes her).

I sold one of my most favorite new pieces at the festival to a young man who is a regular customer–every year he attends the festival he likes to add a new sheep from my collection to his. I love talking with him about the sheep and see his enthusiasm.


If you’re ever looking for a fun weekend, complete with some great working dogs and delicious food, come to Masterson Station Park the third full weekend of May.