Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival

During the weekend of May 19-20 we traveled to one of my favorite festivals–the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival in Lexington. I’ve been a vendor at this festival, which is held in conjunction with the Bluegrass Stock Dog Trials, for many years. It first started as reason to visit my daughter who lived in Lexington at the time, and it’s just become a favorite to sell and shop.

Now that my daughter has moved back to Indiana, we still go to the festival, but now we take my granddaughter so she can visit. Baby A loves to see all the sheep, alpaca and bunnies that are featured at the festival (not to mention the horses she always sees at the racetrack when her mom takes her).

I sold one of my most favorite new pieces at the festival to a young man who is a regular customer–every year he attends the festival he likes to add a new sheep from my collection to his. I love talking with him about the sheep and see his enthusiasm.


If you’re ever looking for a fun weekend, complete with some great working dogs and delicious food, come to Masterson Station Park the third full weekend of May.