Hand Knitted Shawls

Grace your shoulders with color and fashion, while keeping warm with our hand knitted shawls! We’ve got a rainbow of colors to offer, and sizes that you’ll appreciate. If you don’t see a color combination you’d like, send me a message and we can put together just the right accessory for your wardrobe!

Greener Pasture Shawl

Greener Pastures: Absolutely gorgeous long knitted triangular shawl. The main yarn is a poly/cotton/silk blend of various greens flowing from lt green to dark teal. Dividing the sections are 2 beautiful novelty yarns. This is an original pattern. Suggest hand wash and lay flat to dry. May need blocking.

Size: 45″x96″

$70 NOW $40


Berry Red: Triangular knitted shawl in a mix of novelty yarns with splashes of yellow and orange plus black to set it off. All yarn is acrylic. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Size: 37×96″

$65 NOW $40


Summer Fun: This fun knitted shawlette was made from a multi-colored cotton yarn. It is a curved bottom shawl that can be worn over the shoulders, off center over one shoulder or even in front. It is light weight in shades of coral, white, blue and purple. Hand wash and lay flat to dry. This is an original pattern.

29″x90″ $35 NOW $30


Daybreak: How’s this for a fun shawl?? A warm and heavy shawl made from a multitude of different types of yarns in an original pattern. The variety of blues mixed with some pink adds to the fun that is this shawl, perfectly paired with jeans or a skirt.

$70 NOW $40


Cappuccino: If you’re looking for a warm shawl to dress up with, this is the shawl for you. The neutral color scheme works best for any outfit, and the ends are accented with glass beads to add just a little touch of class. Warm and beautiful.

$65NOW $40


Tomato: I just love this shawl. It’s warm, yet versatile and so pretty. The picture doesn’t do it justice–it’s a mix between a pink and a mauve, with a variety of colors interspersed. Handknitted in an original pattern, wrap it around or secure with a broach.

$65 NOW $40


 Stormy Weather: This isn’t a shawl knitted in the typical triangular pattern, rather a wide scarf/wrap that can still warm your shoulders and add a touch of color to any outfit. A mix of blues–dark and light–with some beige reminds me of a gray, stormy day.

$55 NOW $40


Tidal Wave: Who doesn’t love the sounds of the ocean crashing into the beach? The water is a mix of blues and greens, which is why I titled this shawl “Tidal Wave”. Hand knitted in a triangular shape in my own pattern, it’s warm and class, rather large for the perfect wrap.

$70 NOW $40


Flower Garden: I love spending my summers in my garden, so when I was putting colors together for this shawl, I thought it’d be the perfect mid-weight shawl for any season. Hand knitted in an original pattern with a mixture of different yarns in shades of bright green, almost magenta-purple, and everything in between. This is a fun shawl that can brighten any day.

$60 NOW $40


Fireworks: Stand out from the crowd with this rich, vibrant red shawl. I had fun with this shawl, hand knitting it in an original pattern and using a variety of different yarns to bring warmth and life to this wrap. It’s heavy enough to be worn on those chilly Fall nights and Winter evenings, wrap around your shoulders or clasp together with your favorite broach or trinket like I have above.

$70NOW $40


Grapevine: Like purple, but don’t want it to be too bright? This is the perfect, heavy shawl for you. A nice, heavy knitting with three different materials in shades of purple with a splash of light red in the mix makes this the perfect Winter item. Large enough to wrap around your shoulders.

$65  NOW $40


4 am: This is appropriately named “4 am” because that’s when I knitted this beauty. Rich hues of purple with gold throughout. This shawl is perfect for the Fall and Winter months. This is large enough to wrap around your shoulders and the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

$80  NOW $40


Serendipity: Another one of my larger, rectangular shawls, this is a lighter weight material, so it’s great for late Winter, Spring time accents thanks to the pink and greens. I can even see this being worn to Easter Vigil, can’t you?



Patriot: Stand out from the crowd with this triangular shawl, hand knitted in my original pattern with rich blues, reds and steel gray. This medium-weight wrap is the perfect size for a broach, or wrap around for the smaller woman.

$70 NOW $40

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