Needle Felted Shoulder Bags

Carry a piece of art on your shoulder with our unique purses and shoulder bags. Up cycled wool is lined by hand with cotton fabric and hung with up cycled purse handles of varying length. The decor is hand needle felted with natural fibers in a unique design–no two bags are alike! While the designs look delicate, I’ve had customers use their needle felted shoulder bags for years and have no issues with the fibers. However, just in case, I always offer to reinforce the fiber whenever a customer requests.


Wild Mustang Purse: This Wild Mustang Purse is blue wool, needle felted with natural fibers. The accenting liner is 100% cotton, with an accessory pocket sewn in. Upcycled leather handles.






Wild Hair: A sheep shows off his wild hair on this small shoulder bag. Hand needlefelted on deep red, felted wool the design was hand done with all-natural fibers. Fully lined with satin and a quick-grip closure, drape this on your shoulder using the upcycled tan leather handles.


White Wolf: A white wolf peeks through the woods and his eyes pierce through to your soul.

This needlefelted market tote is on an upcycled wool sweater, fully lined with a 100% cotton fabric that accents the colors in the sweater, featuring a quick grip closure and a sewn phone pocket on one side. Upcycled black leather handles can be swung over the shoulder or carried by hand. Perfect size for the market or as an accent bag.


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