Needle Felted Wall Art – Misc

Enjoy my selection of needle felted wall art highlighting some of my other favorite animals and scenes. All ready for purchase and fast shipping!



Bird and Berries:  A Downey Woodpecker is needle-felted framed artwork perfect for any home decor! Needle-felted on tan wool with all natural fibers. Repurposed wooden frame, no glass


$40  NOW $30





Corgi Love: A Corgi puppy catches your attention with his dark eyes that are always so full of expression and love. Hand needle felted image using natural fibers on a forest green background, framed with a black up cycled frame under glass.

11″ x 14″

$50 SOLD!! But I’m always up for doing more Corgis!




Wild & Wooley: This wild and wooly sheep is looking for his home. Hand needle felted with natural fibers on a felted wool background creates a 3D effect with some fibers loosely draping on the frame. Framed in a

natura wooden frame without glass.

$60 NOW $45





Cardinal: The state bird of Indiana (and Ohio, amongst other states) is one of my favorite to watch in my yard. This bright male cardinal is sitting on a branch with some red berries, hand needle felted on a gray plaid wool. Framed using an up cycled natural wood frame, without glass.


$35 NOW $30







Man’s Best Friend: Hand needle felted Golden Retriever with that loving smile. Framed with a moss green matte, natural wood up cycled frame under glass.

$50 SOLD!! But I’m always up for more dogs!







Little Friend: A sheep ram and a hummingbird have a meeting of the minds. Hand needle felted with natural fibers on a felted piece of wool in brown plaids. Framed in an up cycled natural wood frame with no glass.

$50  NOW $40





Who’s There? This photo doesn’t do this artwork any justice, and for that I apologize. A regal horned owl, hand needle felted in rich shades of chocolate and tan onto a dark, neutral wool background. His eyes almost follow you! Framed using an up cycled dark wood frame with a cream mat, under glass.

$45 NOW $35


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