Needle Felted Art – Misc

Enjoy my selection of needle felted wall art highlighting some of my other favorite animals and scenes. All ready for purchase and fast shipping!


Curious Fox

Curious Fox: A handsome red fox is needle felted onto a gray plaid wool, offering a head tilt and a smirk. Framed, without glass, in an upcycled black polymar frame, ready to hang in your home. 

8″ x 10″  $45


Cardinal on a tree branch

My Little Cardinal Friend: The state bird of Indiana (and Ohio, amongst other states) is one of my favorite to watch in my yard. This bright male cardinal is sitting on a branch, hand needle felted on a muted tan wool. Framed under glass using an upcycled black and silver frame.

5″x7″   $30


Golden Retriever puppy


Puppy Eyes: A Golden Retriever puppy certainly knows how to use his dark eyes to get what he wants. This pup was needle felted on blue-gray marbled felt, using all-natural wool fibers and actual dog hair. Framed under glass with a gray distressed 8×10 frame.  $40

Downey Owl

The Downey Owl: He’s almost camouflaged in this piece, hand needle felted onto a rustic tan background, hiding amongst the leaves of a tree, his orange beak giving him away. Framed under glass in an upcycled black wooden frame. 8″x10″ $40

Watching through the Slats: A barn cat peeks through the slats of the barn wall, watching for his next prey.

This piece was inspired by our farm cats, whom always bring a smile to our faces and keep our barns vermin-free!

Framed under glass in an upcycled off-white acrylic frame. 8″x10″ $40

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