Needle Felted Wall Art – Horses

This is our Equine Art collection of hand needled felted artwork! For the horse lover in your life, these make the perfect addition to home decor. Scroll down for our selection that’s ready for purchase and shipment.

(Don’t see what you’d like? Contact me about commissioning a custom piece!)


Appaloosa War Pony: Hand needle-felted Appaloosa War Pony with natural fibers, on tan, red and cream plaid wool backing. Repurposed wooden frame, no glass.

$50  NOW $40


My Little Friend: This little white pony is caught nuzzling her friend, the barn cat, out in the field. Needle felted by hand with all natural fibers on felted gray wool. This picture is framed in an upcycled white wooden frame, under glass with gallery hanging hardware.
$50  NOW $40


Long Locks Horse Head: This close up really shows the detail of the horse. Needle felted, by hand, using natural fibers onto repurposed, felted purple wool. Multi-colored locks give it depth and fantasy, while using long locks for texture. Framed using an up cycled wooden frame painted silver, under glass.


$70  NOW $55


Little Brown Foal: This brown foal is looking for a home. Perfect for the barn, rustic home, or any horse lover! Natural fibers needle-felted on tan, plaid wool. Real wooden, repurposed wooden frame with no glass for easy hanging.


$50  NOW $40


Warrior Indian Pony: Power and strength show through the eyes of this black and white Paint pony, decorated for a warrior. Hand needle felted with natural fibers on a teal wool background, framed in an up cycled frame under glass.


$65  NOW $45


Lucky Green: This majestic mustang seems to have the luck of the Irish, hand needle felted in natural fibers that are hand dyed. The locks accentuating his wild nature. A gray felted wool background allows him to pop out of the up cycled white wooden frame for the three-dimensional look.

$65 NOW $45


Mustang Magic: Another of my mustang series, this one hand needle felted in muted shades of magenta and goldenrod on a dark gray wool background. This piece is framed with an up cycled natural wood frame under glass for a gallery look.

$65  NOW $45


Twins: This would be the perfect accent for any horse crazy girl’s room. Two horses mirror each other in an extended trot, hand needle felted on to a green wool and framed in an up cycled, natural wooden frame (no glass).




Looking Back: A chestnut horse is captured with shades of brown and beige on a neutral wool background. His soft eyes just make you melt. Framed under glass with an up cycled black frame and a blue mat.


$65  NOW $45

needle felted stallion art

Fire Brand: Another from my mustang series, this fiery stallion seems to be standing in the wind, with his mane of many shades blowing and the curls accenting his rogue nature. Hand needle felted on a gray-blue wool background and framed using an up cycled white wooden frame without glass with gallery hardware for easy hanging.


$90 NOW $65

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